Is MORENA a “Severe Danger” For OBRADOR?


*** Before  the ‘Collapse’ That Will Make TRUMP.?

*** ‘PUTIN and XI’ Take Care Your Political Parties

*** Cannot OBRADOR Abandon to Its Luck to MORENA?


San Antonio,TEXAS.- As Reported by the Biographers of NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI that: every night he spent with his Greek and Latino teachers studying the history of the world through your books. But particularly, the one of Greece and Rome. In a field he was passionate about: “Politics”.

“…The Better Purpose of MACHIAVELLI was always to rescue Florence and all Italy, who lived in intestinal wars which did nothing to help to the City, and its Country. He All The Time thought of making good to Florence, and Italy too.”


“…That is why your dedication at study, and your research to The “Politics”. The Methodology of Florentine is absolutely universal, due to several centuries have passed and the universal values and lessons of MACHIAVELLI are in force today,”  in agreement to the Specialists.

“…One Capital Problem for any President or political leader is count with a political party reliable, which to allow it to fulfill your important goals, announce the political scientists. For This reason, XI JINPING, VLADIMIR PUTIN and other Presidents take care your political parties.”

“…For Mexico, do not must have political foreigns recipes. But the politics realty imposes it. Let us reflection. In Global Scenery,The President DONALD TRUMP(USA) ,The President VLADIMIR PUTIN,and The President XI JIPING dominate in the World”, as stated by geopolitics.

“… In China, XI JINPING serving as President of The People’s Republic of China(PRC), General Secretary of the Communist Party of China(CPC),and Chairman of the Central Military Commission  (CMC). XI being President handles to the Communist Party, as leader, currently .”

“…In Russia, VLADIMIR PUTIN is the President of Russia, since 2012.Previously holding the position from 2000 until 2008.Mr.PUTIN exercises control over his party: ‘United Russia’ allowing him to take his country to social welfare stadiums.As President influence to ‘United Russia’, political party.”

“…On the other hand, the same cannot be said of President TRUMP.Before he was in the Republican Party. He was active in the Democratic Party.Today, you don’t know what party he is in.Currently TRUMP Could Face Impeachment. Even he might is defeated on the reelection in U.S.”

“…Three powerful characters in the world are: TRUMP, PUTIN and XI.Two of Them take care of the party that saw them born. One of them, which is the Case of TRUMP lives in a great  political uncertainty. Before Collapse that will do TRUMP?”, judge the political experts, in the world.

In Mexico, it is being discussed whether President LOPEZ OBARDOR must intervene in the party that brought him to the Presidency of the Republic, with more than 30 million votes to build the 4T.?He says he doesn’t want anything to know of MORENA.

Even, further it went OBRADOR , told: I would renounce to MORENA, if it breaks down. While MARIO DELGADO, YEIDCKOL POLEVNSY, ALEJANDRO ROJAS DURAN and BERTHA LUJAN walk to conquer the national leadership, amidst violence and irregularities in MORENA.

It Pass before the eyes of International Press the events of MORENA that is in process of renovation of leadership on the Political Party of President LOPEZ OBRADOR. And for misfortune of the Mexican President, the ‘worlwide press’ say ‘which MORENA as Party is a great Disaster’.

The Questions asked in Mexico: Will President ANDRES MANUEL LOPEZ OBRADOR abandon MORENA to his fate, after which the party took him to the head of the federal executive, on 2018?. Will be OBRADOR a bad thankful with MORENA?.

Mexican President wants to win the war in Mexico alone?. When There Are great ‘dangers of powerful groups’ that hinders the 4T from having deep roots, on nationwide?.The Opponents of OBRADOR will always criticize it, whether it makes good or bad. What the big deal is?.

Before the eyes of the world are the examples of the Presidents of China, XI JINXING and Russia, VLADIMIR PUTIN. Why OBRADOR as President refuses to solve the internal problems of violence and corruption in his MORENA Party?.

Many Think that MORENA is an island of monstrous impunity. And the political party that voted for LOPEZ OBRADOR serves as a protective mantle for numerous corrupt of the PAN and the PRI militants… Will be?.

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